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Hello! We’re Glenn and Dixie, and we are Vagabondians. (Yes, I made that word up) A few years ago we looked forward to the second half of our lives and we decided that we didn’t want to go the traditional route. So we took the next exit and began exploring the back roads. We began leaving things behind (literally) at every stop. First we jettisoned our debt, then most of our belongings, then our house, then our jobs! Here’s the how and why…

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  • An update

    An update

    This will be brief, but I feel like I have to post *something* due to the long delay between articles. First, our apologies for not having more to say. To be honest, last year we shifted from active traveling to more of an expat lifestyle. Still, there were plenty of past travel events to write […]
  • The Legend of Johnny Vagabond

    The Legend of Johnny Vagabond

    We first met Wes Nations our second night in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, after Jon Look introduced us. We met at a wine bar, of course. Wes had a couple of years head-start on both Jon and ourselves, and had spent his first few years in Southeast Asia. This means he had more […]
  • Flippin’ RVs

    Flippin’ RVs

    The producers of the show sent me the following press release – sounds like an interesting view!   Flippin’ RVs premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 8 ET/7 CT Episode is called Big Trouble with Tiny Trailers! Anna and Justin Scribner from Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restorations rescue and restore cool vintage trailers found scouring […]
  • A Year Outside The USA

    A Year Outside The USA

    Last year we almost made it. Unfortunately we screwed up and didn’t think things through and ended up returning from Mexico to the U.S. after only 360 days abroad. We missed that landmark by five days! But not this year! We left the Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida on June 30, 2013 and haven’t stepped […]
  • Slomo – Another One Escapes Normal

    Slomo – Another One Escapes Normal

    This guy totally gets it. He escaped – will you? Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.” A quick, potentially life-changing video – 16 minutes. Slomo About GlennGlenn is the co-owner and head writer for Vagabondians Press and is […]